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Nobody Reaches 100% With Text Message Advertising Alone

Communicating through a single channel alone like SMS, Email, or Direct Mailers are often ineffective and response rates can be alarmingly low. By orchestrating SenText ADS new Multi Channel Marketing you will dramatically increase sales, brand awareness, and return on investment. For the same price as our competitors charge for email or sms text messaging alone you can upgrade to SenText ADS which integrates them ALL!

SenText ADS All-In-One technology goes far beyond Text Message Advertising by integrating highly effective multi-channel tools - Mobile Websites, Text, E-mail, Voice, Instant Message, and Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Twitter).

Long gone are the days of simply sending SMS text messages. You can only reach 100% of your audience by using ALL OF THEIR preferred channels of communications, not just yours. Many people prefer text message advertising and mobile websites, while others love Facebook. Some use email, and the rest are stuck on phone calls.

Whether it is reaching 100% of your audience or the new orchestrated multi-touch-point strategy, you can experience response rates that are 10 times greater than those of traditional advertising, direct mail, or singular email campaigns. Mobile Marketing on a New Level.